Types Of Crime Prevention Programs In Texas

The most successful crime prevention program in Texas is in Dallas, and it focused on gang prevention strategies.

Back in 1996, Dallas suffered from gang activities throughout the city. Dallas had nearly 80 gangs that were responsible for 1,332 criminal incidents. The total gang membership was estimated at more than 6,000 gang members. To cut back on gang-related activities, the Dallas Police Department set up special strategies to reduce gang violence among juveniles.

The department first identified five areas in the city where Read the rest of this entry »


Top Crime Prevention Tips For Texas Residents

Crime prevention is the first step towards living in a safer and more secure nation. Here are the top crime prevention tips for residents in the state of Texas.

Make Your Home Look Occupied
Burglars are always on the look out for homes that look vacated. Stacked newspapers and lawns that have not been mowed are tell-tale signs that a family may be on vacation. Take the proper steps to ensure that your home always looks occupied. Leave a light on to give the appearance that someone is home at night.

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Cities In Texas With The Most Crime

Cities In Texas With The Most Crime

Keeping Safe Throughout Texas
Texas is one of the most dangerous states in the United States. This is particularly true because it is also one of the biggest states in America. In addition, Texas is a state that overwhelmingly favors the Second Amendment. In other words, there are more guns in Texas than almost any other state in the United States. This raises a few red flags Read the rest of this entry »


How To Avoid Criminal Activity

Avoiding criminal activity is 90 percent common sense and 10 percent location. Be in the right place at the right time, and nearly all criminal activity can be avoided.


Little good happens after midnight. Crime statistics show that a good deal of murder, robbery and assaults happens after midnight. The bad guys love the dark. They go looking for prey after midnight. The dark of midnight makes it more difficult for situational awareness to sense danger. Criminals can hide Read the rest of this entry »


The Crime Rates And Statistics In Texas

The state of Texas is home to three of the largest cities in the United States. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio all have significant crime problems. This is true of most major cities in America. Each year, the state of Texas releases statistics about the crime rate in the state as a whole and in individual jurisdictions.

The latest figures available for the state are the 2011 numbers. These numbers show a 6.4 percent drop in the crime rate from the previous year. There were still Read the rest of this entry »


Reports On Crime In The State Of Texas

Texans are fighting back against recent reports of criminals breaking into homes. They want to be certain that the bad guys become statistics and not them. Armed Citizen Project is teaching people how to be safe in their homes.

The Armed Citizen Project is a non-profit group that offers people free training in the use of a shotgun. The program is targeted toward residents living in high-crime neighborhoods of Houston. Kyle Copeland, a University of Houston student, launched the organization to empower residents and give them security. Read the rest of this entry »